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on Friday, 06 July 2012. Posted in About

"Even the longest journey must begin where you stand"  Lao-Tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

chinese philosopher 

 This describes well how most of us  begin when first deciding to enter the world of web site design.


Even the brightest and best have to begin somewhere, consult someone or something. 


This blog is not intended to be a guide, merely a signpost to point you in the right direction.  By doing so save a lot of wasted effort and to highlight to the non technical some points that an IT type might think of as normal good practice.


There are those who spend years of study and others who find themselves steered through design or curiosity to the point of creating their first web site.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the web is the amount of material experts put at our disposal freely,  Joomla is a wonderful example of the kind of spirit that this new world of the web should engender.


It is quite staggering the volume of people who give their time and effort freely for the Joomla community.  So I thought it would be a decent thing for me to do the same and offer a little guidance to anyone starting out using Joomla, to help speed them on their way.


Finally I really can recommend joining the Joomla community and I hope my tips give you the confidence to do so.


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