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Dicovering Joomla Part One

on Monday, 02 July 2012. Posted in First encounter

Content Management

JoomlaMy first encounter with the Joomla content management software was when someone whose site I was hosting asked me if they could host a Joomla website with me.   Having said yes and having a rough idea of what content management meant I set about researching what was required and where I could find it.


Dicovering Joomla Part Two

on Tuesday, 03 July 2012. Posted in First encounter

A Revamp

gantry-150x150With my first new Joomla web-site  the challenge was to revamp an old existent we-site.  So after some discussion with the owner I started the design process.   The result was a set of wire diagrams that reflected the aspirations and desires of the owner.


Joomla and Help

on Friday, 06 July 2012. Posted in First encounter

joomla2 5beginners-guide-150x150As already alluded to it isn’t long after you install Joomla that you need a little more understanding of whats going on, luckily tutorials are readily available. 

The one that I preferred was the COCOATE Beginners Guide which you can view or download at  

  For a complete range of official Joomla documentation you can find this at


on Friday, 06 July 2012. Posted in First encounter

 After the initial success of loading Joomla  and being impressed with what is supplied you quickly realise is that things aren’t quite as straightforward as you think.  I had a little difficulty understanding how Joomla was structured and how everything interacted. 


Although you can fine tune Joomla (somewhere something allows you to do almost anything) wondering why a small change had such a detrimental affect to other parts of the site were at first perplexing.


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