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on Friday, 06 July 2012. Posted in First encounter

joomla2 5beginners-guide-150x150As already alluded to it isn’t long after you install Joomla that you need a little more understanding of whats going on, luckily tutorials are readily available. 

The one that I preferred was the COCOATE Beginners Guide which you can view or download at  

  For a complete range of official Joomla documentation you can find this at

 It’s useful to know that Joomla is a constantly developing being and the current offering is 2.5 and 3.0 is being designed as we speak.

It is also useful to know that many web sites are still being run on version 1.5.  I won’t go into the differences now but what you do need to understand is that the add-ins that are used e.g. modules or plug-ins are often built for a particular version of Joomla.   A module designed for 1.5 will not work directly on version 2.5 as the basic structure of Joomla 2.5 is different.

A lot of add-ins have different versions available, but not all.  In some cases the module is no longer valid as it has been incorporated into the newer version of Joomla.

You will find it comforting to know that once you start using Joomla  there is a large and active Joomla community whose expertise and advice you can consult via the Joomla Forum and the forums of the various template and module authors.  A good start is to visit and register. 

Reading through the questions already posed will often give you the result your after.  Don’t forget when posting a question on the forums to include what version of Joomla your using and the operating system your using it on,  in fact the more information the better.


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